Is Your Skin Ready for the Beach?

Dream of heading to the beach with silky smooth skin? Going on vacation without having to stash your razor in a checked luggage bag? If you simply dream of getting time back in your day every day, then laser hair removal just might be right for you. Here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal so you can stop your struggle with the stubble.

It’s about as permanent as it gets

Hair grows back after shaving within a couple of days and with waxing as early as 10-15 days. Laser hair removal drastically reduces hair growth so you can say goodbye to hot wax and nicks on your shins and spend more time enjoying life and planning your next beach-bound trip. 

How long does laser hair removal take? 

To see the long-lasting, smooth skin you crave, you’ll need a minimum of 6-8 sessions with a gap of 4-6 weeks in between sessions. The length of each session will vary, depending on the area (underarms will be a briefer session than legs). Normally, you would need to wait 5-7 business days with sunblock. Our special procedure cuts down that time to only 2-3 days with sunblock, so you can safely enjoy your newfound smooth skin at the beach or in the sun in just a few days.  

Why not go for the “deals” I always see online? 

When it comes to lasers and your skin, you want a trained, experienced professional. Skimping out on this part could leave you with painful scarring or burns. Inexperienced specialists won’t always know how long it takes to safely achieve smooth skin with laser hair removal. Our trained aestheticians do. 

What about full-body laser removal?  

Yes, it can be done, for best results, 6-8 sessions are required with a gap of 4-6 weeks in between each full body session. Each full body session takes 1-2 hours. If you’d like to be beach ready it’s best to start 6 months prior to the summer season in November in December.

Prepping for laser hair removal 

Here’s what you need to do (or not do) before you experience laser hair removal: 

  • Plan ahead: A minimum of 6-8 sessions means you’ll need to start about 3-4 months before you plan to hit the beach. 
  • Stay out of the sun for about 4 weeks. No sunburns or tans! 
  • Shave, but don’t wax  

AFTER treatment 

  • Use sunscreen 
  • You can shave (it does take several sessions for permanent removal) but don’t wax or tweeze/pluck 
  • Stay away from scents: This includes lotions, creams, and perfumes 
  • Avoid Tanning Salons
  • Avoid Threading
  • No Hot Showers
  • No Sauna

How much does laser hair removal REALLY cost? 

Our trained aestheticians safely and professionally remove your unwanted hair so you can spend less time removing unwanted hair on your own and more time enjoying life (and the beach) with the smooth skin you’ve always wanted. 

We Suggest a packaged approach rather than a single session as it will provide you the desired results.

Elina Laser Boutique Service Packages
Full Body Laser Hair Removal $1,100 6 Sessions
  $600 3 Sessions
Brazillian Bikini & Under Arms $490 5 Sessions
  $550 6 Sessions
Full Face $220 6 Sessions
1/2 legs or full arms & underarms $490 5 Sessions
  $550 6 Sessions
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